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Co-creating the future of organisations


The Lab


The Game Changers Lab® is a knowledge-transfer, information-sharing and highly productive networking platform. It addresses the practical impact of digital transformation and disruptive innovations on systemic, organisational and human development.

The “Lab” comprises of a series of peer-to-peer interactive discussions and in-depth workshops addressing real-world challenges. It lays the foundation for a community of thought leaders to connect and share ideas and experiences on the latest technological innovations and next-generation leadership skills.

The experience

Linking purpose with results

At The Game Changers Lab® we create learning and networking sessions for the post-industrial enterprise. Through the application of a series of carefully curated and ever evolving proprietary methodologies the Lab guarantees the generation of a unique collective intelligence ecosystem that connects purpose with practical short term results.

We believe emotional intelligence and conversational systems to be the most powerful connectors of individuals, knowledge and organisations. As such we craft unique development experiences that offer the opportunity to tackle the most pressing challenges in a fully autonomous and collaborative way.


Connecting the dots of change


The Community

creating the future together

The Game Changers´s Community is an ecosystem of individuals and companies that share the vision and drive to pioneer, explore and lead the journey towards the post-digital transformation era. The ecosystem is at the core of all Lab´s initiatives and collaboratively generates powerful content and action points.

Members have access to all bFast Labs, The Garden-School of Changemakers workshops, CxOs Retreats, research products, preferential visibility on all external communication platforms, among other benefits. There are two different membership categories: Game Changer, for individuals and by invitation only, and Founder, for corporations.


United by a manifesto