The laboratory

A unique space for experimentation and shared knowledge

The objective of Game Changers Lab by DCD is to evaluate the practical, real-life application, implementation and impact of different aspects of digital transformation on organizations. The lab’s community, an ecosystem of thought leaders, pioneers and explorers, come together at the bFast Labs and The Garden - School of Changemakers sessions to share knowledge-based experiences. These meetings are a powerful networking, out-of-the box and transversal learning platform.

The Game Changers Lab Club membership is by invitation only and exclusive to transformational leaders whose decisions have an impact across organizations’ overall value chain from information systems, human resources, marketing, management, and beyond. 

The Game Changers Community mission is framed in its Manifesto - to drive collective intelligence and innovative processes to accelerate organizational change.

The experience

A unique format for a different networking experience

The lab's meetings are a totally innovative value proposition. Based on a unique networking and interactive learning methodology, these connect senior decision makers in a close, exclusive environment to discuss common challenges and jointly work on possible solutions.