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There has never been an era so promising for growth opportunities and challenging old leadership and organisational assumptions, change management and innovation like the present one. Today, companies are slowly but steadily moving away from traditional ways of working, perceptions of success and the industrial-age set of values that have been in place to date.

The Garden offers a transformational learning approach in which collective intelligence, collaboration, co-creation and coopetition take precedence over the values of scientific management and “fixed” organisations. All training sessions are conducted according to a methodology that sits on three fundamental axes: Surprise, Emotion and Movement (SEM).

Programmes are actively sourced from the bFast Labs live experiences to ensure each session is fully aligned with the ecosystem’s need and expectations.


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The Garden is a place where the character and nature of true changemakers is shaped. True changemakers inspire change from within with purpose, sincere will and commitment to the success of their organisations. Join the community and live a (trans)formative experience that goes beyond the mastery of techniques, tools or standard academic content in the field of leadership, change management or innovation.

Exclusive access to Founding Members and Game Changers.

Available sessions to date


Oratory and storytelling

  • Develop a communication style capable of inspiring in an environment of permanent change

  • Connect authority and leadership with passion, confidence, vitality and closeness

  • Master a crucial competitive advantage in the Human-Machine binominal

Next session

  • To be announced soon!

  • Also available In-company

Creative Leadership Skills

  • Acquire a change-driven and inspiring leadership style

  • Assess the available options and the respective needed skills

  • Mapp out the various innovation opportunities

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  • To be announced soon!

  • Also available In-company


Powerfull conversations

  • Master the meta-competencies necessary to generate, provoke and sustain quality conversations

  • Improve inter-silos’ coordination

  • Balance these competences’ development both online and offline

Next session

  • 09/04/2019 - Madrid

  • Also available In-company

From Ideas to Results

  • Master the transformation of concepts, ideas and desires into intelligent actions

  • Bring focus to processes, tasks and meetings

  • Include creativity into the equation of effectiveness and efficiency

Next session

  • 11/06/2019 - Madrid

  • Also available In-company


Critical Thinking

  • Think "out of the box" with focus "on the box"

  • Acquire tools to solve complex problems

  • Understand the impact of your decisions in the current organisation

Next session

  • 19/09/2019 - Madrid

  • Also available In-company

Theatrical Skills

  • Acquire mental, emotional and gestural flexibility and improve self-confidence

  • Identify strategic and creative resources to inspire others

  • Develop effective relationship skills to promote and facilitate organisational changes

Next session

  • 26/11/2019 - Madrid

  • Also available In-company