The Manifesto



The Game Changers Community is comprised of visionary individuals and organisations with great ideas and committed to a type of innovation that transforms disruption into meaningful, beneficial, profitable and long lasting results. The Game Changers alter the way we think about or do things, while opening new avenues of economic growth and human development.



The Community bases all its activities on post-industrial age principles such as collaboration, cooperation, coopetition and co-creation. It is a multidisciplinary and multisectoral community that wants to generate the necessary knowledge capabilities and collective intelligence to master individual and organisational mindsets changes.



The activities of the community are governed by the following principles:

  • Learn and connect through conversations and the sharing of first-hand experiences

  • Identify real life, practical implementation actions for measurable results

  • Contribute actively with maximum respect for and trust on the interlocutors

  • Devote all activities to the creation of a corporate culture that is fairer, healthier and more capable overall